Tegian Zone Movie Reviews



Borat is a horrible piece of shit and is only funny because of how obsurd and sickening the action on screen is.

TEGian Rating:
1 out of 10


Cars is out on DVD and iTunes.  It is a great movie that brings a tear to my eye when I think about all the abandonded cities across the US due to the creation of the interstated highway system.  It also has an allegory relating to regardless of how people, places, or things may appear on the surface, there is always something below the surface that holds a greater story.

TEG's Rating - 9 out of 10.  This Movie is a must for your collection.


Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction is a excellent story that makes the viewer think about life, and how easily it can be taken from you.  You never know what will happen tomorrow, and you must live life to the fullest in order to be happy.

TEGian Rating:
9 out of 10


X-Files: I want to Believe
I really enjoyed this movie.  It is much faster paced than the series.  It had some plausibility problem, but it was everything one should expect from an X-Files episodes, and finally completes the series, as it should have been.  Some things continued to be a mystery, like what happened to the B-Story.  It was also never addressed as to what happened after a particular scene as no one discusses it.

TEG's Rating - 7 out of 10.  Watch at a Matinee or with a coupon.